The NeuroVitality Clinic provides expertise and personal care for anyone wanting to maximise their health, energy and well-being.


From science to psychology we offer a multi-disciplinary service housed under one roof.

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The Clinic

The Clinic integrates a range of the UK’s experts from the Public and Private Sector, all committed to providing the best results for you.


Our mission is to restore health to the growing numbers impacted by energy depleting conditions. This might include issues ranging from panic attacks, depression, ME/CFS and fibromyalgia to minor stress, anxiety, relationship conflicts and lack of confidence.

What Our Clients Say


seven months, I am now back at work, have been on a walking holiday, out partying in Berlin and am able to practice Yoga every day and generally live a full and healthy life.


Latest News

Our new clinic at 10 Harley Street is now open.

Providing dynamic, committed solutions for health


After being unwell for nearly a year and housebound for over

enjoying life…everything is a pleasure because I feel so well. I can hardly believe how much my life has changed in such a short space of time.

10 Harley Street




Tel: (+44) 207 4678551


The NeuroVitality Clinic has been devised to provide a broad range of services.


Following a discussion of your symptoms and issues a thorough case history will be taken.


Detailed clinical examinations, screening and testing can be provided and the team will create a bespoke treatment package to suit your needs.


For further information about the interventions used click here.

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